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Colorado's diversity...

(Heading up Wolf Creek Pass, aiming for home)

(Coming into Gateway from Grand Junction, part of Uniweep Canyon)

(Looking out over the mesas in Mesa Verde)

(Natural spring in Uniweep Canyon between Gateway and Nucla)

(Pagosa Springs and the lushest part of the state right now)

(Mesa Verde dwellings)

(Cortez Valley looking toward Lone Cone in the San Juans -- all from the highest point in Mesa Verde)

(Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon)

(Delores River Canyon between Gateway and Nucla)

(Delores River near Gateway)

(Colo Natl Monument looking into Grand Junction)

There you have it -- high desert, mountain valleys, mesas, farmland on high plains, craggy mountains, redrock canyons...that's Colorado, and we got to see it all. What's your favorite? :)
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