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Friday Four...

1. We went skiing today, our only time this year as a family. The snow in the high country is abysmal right now -- plus, it was super windy (to the point that I refused to ride any lifts which went all the way up the mountain -- I don't like being swayed side to side by the wind while 40 feet above ground!). Still, the kiddos had a great time. I skied with E, and she spent our first run (of three) falling every few feet (because she was afraid to go faster than an inch a second). It took 50 minutes. Our second run was better (only 40 minutes), and she only fell once. We took the lift which didn't go up so high for our last run, and that only took 30 minutes -- and we were done ;) She skis like I do, and neither of us truly love it that much. I think we enjoyed eating our snacks and watching the other skiers just as much as skiing ourselves.

2. My aunt is coming into town for Easter -- yay! I don't get to see her nearly as much I want to (we went to England together around 15+ years ago), and I'm thrilled to spend some time with her. (I did see her at my gramma's 95th celebration, but there were so many other people there...this will be better.)

3. Because of #2, my mom is hosting an Easter brunch. My FIL (who typically likes us to come to his house for Easter) was planning on joining us, but he decided he needed to attend church on Sunday. And yes, I'm sure it's a huge deal that we're not going to church on Easter...but too bad. ;) We all celebrate Life in our own ways, and I believe they are all valuable and precious. Our day in the mountains was very much about Life and Beauty and Love (celebrating and being oh-so-grateful-for) and the Author of all those.

4. The school meetings have started up again (we got most of March off)...*sigh*. I'm so ready to be done! I have six more meetings and at least two more "events" before summer, however. I think I'll be ready to do NOTHING, at that point. Yeesh.

Happy Easter weekend!
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