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Five on Friday...

1. My FIL wants us to meet him at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday. Now, I love flowers, and I love taking pix -- so I know I'll enjoy this. But I must admit that I'm getting worn down. We've had family events every weekend for the, a long time. I need a break, and it looks like it's not coming anytime soon. *sigh*

2. DH is contemplating a couple of bike trips. I think it'll be good for him (he's been working his tail off for months now). AT the same time, I kind of wish I could find a way to get that kind of break. ;)

3. D's class just finished up with a huge project. It was interesting because we've been working on helping D relax a bit with his personal expectations -- and he actually did it. Part of me was a little disappointed that he left aspects of his project undone (silly me), but mostly, I'm glad that he was able to do what we'd hoped. Still, it's a constant balancing act, because we don't want him blowing off school...we just want him capable of doing work without insisting on everything being perfect.

4. E also has a huge project going on -- with her, it's the opposite. We have to work to get her involved enough to even attempt her best work. *shakes head* Perhaps because I was a teacher, I believe pretty strongly in not intervening with their work. If they ask for help, I'll only give the help they specify (ie, sewing ears on a sock puppet). I try not to give ideas or suggestions unless they direct me. That definitely means that some of the results aren't quite up to what others turn in (I have to laugh at the sophisticated quality of some of E's classmates' work -- they were obviously done by a parent). I'm not a huge fan of at-home projects for this very reason. I think it's almost impossible (as a teacher) to grade them, and all you're really doing is seeing which parents step in and take over and which don't.

5. My mom and I were talking about that type of thing the other day: how parents often live through their kiddos vicariously. I can really see which parents of my kiddos' friends are able to let go and allow their kids to find their own expressions and tastes; it's also obvious which kids are being clearly propelled in one direction or another by their parents. It's not easy finding that balance between guidance and acceptance, no?

Happy Friday!
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