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Teh busyness and diet...


This time of year is so challenging (as anyone who's involved in school in any fashion knows). Things are crazy busy, and everyone is exhausted and really struggling to care. The kiddos have stuff due, I have meetings and events, and we're all kind of running on fumes.

There are fun things too -- like the Father and Friends breakfast they attended this morning (especially fun for me, who got to stay home, in bed). But my brain is fried, and right now, summer can't come quickly enough!

Also, I'm trying something new, nutritionally. I have hypo-thyroidism, which can be a real pain when it comes to trying to maintain a healthy weight. I'm lucky not to be truly overweight, but my ideal, healthy weight is probably ten-fifteen pounds less than I weigh right now. I've been struggling since the fall to even lose an ounce, and when I started gaining again (without noticeably changing my eating habits), I was beyond frustrated.

While we were driving home from Mesa Verde, I started thinking about my options. I knew my thyroid supplement wasn't working anymore (sadly, when you use vitamins and supplements, often your body will "adjust" and you have to change the 'dosage'). But I also suspected I was going to have to find something more drastic than just that change. Soooo, I decided to try and go gluten-free.

Since five years ago, when we had E going gluten-free, so much has changed. Now I can shop at the local King Soopers and still find everything I need. I started GF April 2nd (a Monday), and from that Monday until this past Monday (April 30th), I lost four pounds. To be sure it's not just a fluke (and I don't just gain it all back), I'm going to give it at least one more month...and then, if it really seems to be working, I'll be GF from here on out.

Supposedly, GF will help with many health issues. So far, I haven't noticed much other than weight, though. I still get sleepy in the afternoons. I still have trouble sleeping at night. I've only had one menstruation cycle, and although I didn't have a bad migraine, I did have a mild one -- and it lasted for about 24 hours. We'll see if any of that changes throughout May. I don't really have any other health issues to check, we'll see.

E wants to be GF too, though I think it's just because she really likes the GF cereal I use (ha). She's have a hard time giving up donuts (which she only gets a couple times a year) or cookies. My tough thing is French toast -- but one change I've definitely seen: I no longer crave baked sweets (ie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, etc). I still want my chocolate (and I have it, in other forms), but that desire for a brownie (or half a pan of brownies) seems to have vanished. I don't know how long that will last, though. :)

Anyway, that's probably added a bit to my busyness, as I have to accommodate my cooking plans on a regular basis...hopefully, it'll be a good thing.

Have a lovely Thursday!
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