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Friday Four...

1. Today's a furlough day (we had two this year), so we get an extra-long weekend. It's great for us (we get to sleep in and have a much more relaxing morning), but if I worked outside the home, I'd be pretty frustrated by this time of year with the numerous school breaks. :/ CO is 49th in school funding...

2. This time of year also marks teacher and staff appreciation -- so I'm excited to get to the craft store and see what creative stuff we can come up with!

3. I also have 4 books coming in the next few weeks -- yay!

4. Last weekend, we had everyone over here for a couple of reasons, one of them being we thought my parents would be out of town this weekend (we usually get together the first Sunday of each month). Well, turns out they're not leaving town -- and so they wanted us to come over again...and I'll be honest. I'm getting burned out (which I've mentioned before) on family stuff. Between my family and DH's mom and dad (who are divorced, so if we see them, it's two different outings), we've had something family-related every weekend, a long time. Still, I feel guilty for telling my mom no (sigh). The funny thing is, it's her b-day on Saturday and we're taking her out -- so it's not like we won't see them at all. And next weekend is Mother's Day, and we're going to a movie together...still, the guilt creeps in.

Here's to a guilt-free, first Friday of May! :)
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