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Weekend Roundup...'s the busy week with work, so I spent most of my weekend sitting before the computer -- but I managed to get a fair amount done, so hopefully the next few days won't be as stressful. was also my mom's b-day on Cinco de Mayo, so we took her out to dinner (at her fav restaurant, Las Margaritas). It was very festive, and after, we walked along the streets of Denver (along with half the city, it felt like -- the other half was at the Rockies game) and watched as the sky went from a fey-gold to a stormy dark -- and then it rained and hailed as we drove home. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening :)

...the highlight of yesterday was The Amazing Race finale (no spoilers about the overall winner). That's definitely my favorite regular-season show -- even though my favorite team (Bopper and Mark) were eliminated last week. The only other team I could stand was Vanessa and her partner (whose name escapes me), and they were eliminated after the first half -- so then, I watched to see which of those I couldn't stand would win, hehe. D and I decided that whiny Rachel should've gotten together with a-hole Dave, leaving non-whiny Rachel with Big Brother it was entertaining, as always, even though I'm very meh about the winners., we have some rainy, cool weather (which I should have guessed about -- today and the storm Sat night -- through D's tension on Thursday and Friday). We desperately need it -- our lawn is BROWN (sadly, that's not an exaggeration), and I'm actually wondering how long it will be before they fine us (we have a picky HOA). Our sprinkler system isn't working right, so we definitely need the rain.

What were the highlights of your weekend?

Happy May showers! :)
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