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Friday Four...

1. I got roped into doing a special science thing for E's class today...I did it for D's class too, so I'm hoping it won't be that bad.

2. My mom and I are celebrating Mother's Day by going to a movie together. We haven't decided which yet -- any suggestions?

3. After outrageously warm weather, it's grey and almost-rainy here today -- and it's supposed to continue all weekend. We so need the rain (so we're dancing, for the most part).

4. I'm going to hit the trail before the rain comes. I have a bit of a migraine, but I think (hope) it's fading -- I think the fresh air and gentle exercise will help (so yeah, I won't be pushing myself).

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there -- and sweet memories to all of you who've been apart from your mom, as well.

(Classic pic of my mom -- this shows her serious side, her love of nature, her focus, and her love of family, since this is from our trip to Mesa Verde with her and my dad...she had such a great time pointing out all the neat sights to the kiddos.)
Tags: holidays, migraine, mom, weather
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