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Weekend Roundup... was a grey, rainy weekend (we soooo needed the rain).

...we cleaned Saturday morning, and then I took my mom to a movie (The Avengers, which we both really enjoyed). After, we stood and chatted for a while in the parking lot -- laid back and enjoyable. :)

...I pretty much had the house to myself Saturday evening too -- and I read while watching the BBC version of Sense & Sensibility.

...yesterday, we went to DH's uncle's house for a mother's day bbq. He has a trampoline, so the kiddos jumped for hours (literally), DH and his cousins (and his mom, gramma, and uncles) played poker, and I read a book (I got almost two-thirds of the way through Insurgent -- great book, btw).

So, yeah, this was a great weekend -- very relaxing and peaceful. Plus, my sweet kiddos gave me a couple of very touching cards :D

Happy MOnday (the sun is out again here...)
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