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Weekend Roundup... rained all day Saturday, which was nice. I worked, and we all cleaned.

...Friday, we celebrated one of my best friend's birthday (she's the kiddos' auntie). She loves to golf, so she bought little practice balls (and she got each of the kids a driver, including a leftie for E!), and they went out and whacked balls. I really don't enjoy golf at all (and neither does DH), so L knows that if she wants to golf with the kids, she'll need to initiate it completely. She said D likd it (shocker -- he likes anything sports-minded) but E was sick of it after maybe fifteen minutes (yeah, another surprise, ha).

...yesterday was the school's fun run -- and D ended up being the fastest 4th grade boy! Of course, today, he's really sore...:D But I think he felt good about that. He was third in his age category (9-10 year old boys), but the other two boys are both 5th graders (and only beat him by two and three minutes). However, a 3rd grade girl beat him -- she's impressive! E walked most of it but still made it in the top half of all the participants. (I didn't technically participate -- I simply walked and then found a shortcut to pick up E.) I guess they made a good amount, all told, and the weather was gorgeous -- a great day!

...7 1/2 days of school left (including today)...I'm just hoping we can hang on :)

Happy Monday!
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