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Summer plans...

It's always interesting to hear how people are planning to spend their summers. Because I went from being a student to being a teacher to being a parent, my year has been split into school year versus summer for my entire life...probably pretty different from many adults.

Of course, when I was a student (until college), we didn't have summer break -- we had year-round school, and the 'worst' track (Track B) was the track I was on. We went to school all summer and all winter long (and had our breaks in fall and spring).

Still, I'm used to the idea of 'summer break.' Our school caters to many wealthier families, and it's not unusual to hear of people traveling to Europe, Australia, Asia, or Hawaii/Alaska for summer trips. In fact, pretty much everyone we know from school goes on one 'big' trip each summer (and usually a bunch of smaller ones, as well).

We're not really big trip kind of people (nor can we afford it). Two years ago, we went to Yellowstone (and drove); last year, we went to San Diego (and stayed with family). This year, of course, we're going to Boston -- but although I consider these valuable trips, they're not quite on the scale of most of our neighborhood plans. ;)

Add to that the number of camps most of D's and E's classmates are attending this summer -- it's unbelievable -- and you get very different ideas about what a summer break should entail. D & E will be taking gymnastics classes (one a week). That's it. If we find a Groupon (or something similar) for flag football camp again, we'll get that too. Otherwise, our summer plans are to relax, relax, relax.

I'll probably have a summer class again (though it's usually significantly smaller), and we're hoping to camp at least a few weekends this summer, but other than that, we're looking at lazy days...well, within reason. ;) I'm enough of a teacher still that I'm already planning to break up the weekdays into sections (T-Th, we'll have music time, art time, reading time, and math time -- E has to make up an entire year of math this summer in order to not be behind in her class in the fall). We'll have cleaning day (the kids' favorite, ha) and 'fun' day (Friday).

What about you? Do you plan things for summer breaks (or other kinds of breaks)? How do you keep your kiddos entertained? Also, what do you consider a worthwhile trip?
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