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Weekend Roundup (kind of)...

...I'm trying to get back into a routine, which is always something of a challenge for me (especially when there have been some changes). Going from the chaos of school immediately to vacation and back to home for summer break provided a few too many changes, in some ways, and it's taken a few days to get my head around it. ;) of the things I really want to get back to is writing regularly. I haven't really written much at all for the past two months, and I'd like to find that habit again.

...this weekend, however, I did no writing -- in fact, I mostly did wash and catch-up stuff. I still haven't finished all the pix from our trip (though I'm pretty close), and I'm mentally making the list of other catch-up and organizational stuff to do this summer.

...FYI, we have only 11 weeks from today for our break -- doesn't that seem short? *sigh* is cleaning day (which our house needs) -- and each week we'll also spend time with math (mostly for E, who will be working to do an entire year of math this summer to get ready for her advanced class next year), reading (of course), art, music (I'm planning to actually learn the guitar this time -- and to renew some skills on the piano), yoga, and various outdoor play for the kiddos (with my involvement -- we'll see how long that lasts, ha).

...E had her first tumbling class, and she seems to like it -- although they did a ton of muscle-building activities, and her abdominal muscles are pretty sore. D's first class (freerunning) is tomorrow night, so we'll see how that goes ;)

What plans do you have for the summer? Do you change your at-home schedule at all with the changing of the seasons?
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