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Free running...

D went to his first free running class last night, and I must say, what a great program! I can already see that his overall agility is going to greatly improve, and it will also help him be light on his feet and learn to think quickly. He loves it (yay), and it will also improve his basketball skills (lots of jumping).

If any of you know boys who need an outlet for some of their restless energy but who aren't really into team sports, this is a great possibility. Of course, we're fortunate to have a gym which supports this and found a couple of guys who know what they're doing to teach it. D's 'coach' is young (late teens, early 20s) and looks like a hip-hop type. But he knew what all the moves were called, and he showed them where to place their hands and how to move their bodies. We're also lucky that there are only two boys in the class (so far -- people can join each week, if they like), and the other boy is also fairly athletic.

I had a student write about parkour and free running this year, and that's what sparked my interest. For those of you who don't know anything about it, it's the practice of using momentum to move over obstacles, be they walls or sides of buildings or railings -- kind of like skate boarding without the board, in some ways. The student who wrote about it mentioned an episode where he was able to get up to their second story balcony to get in through the only open door when they locked their keys inside. He also said that it's now being taught in various military branches.

All in all, I was so impressed -- and D loves it! He worked his tail off, and even though he's sore today, he can't wait for the next class...:)

Do any of you know someone who's studied this?
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