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re: Friday blogging?

There's illustration Friday, so for those of us, like me, who need to be more structured in their blogging, I'm making up Friday blogging...who knows if I'll do it more than this one time, but here goes....

My week in review -- best parts: Devin's swim lessons (which he loves and does quite well at); Ellie's time at MOPS (which she seems to like); getting request for a full ms from an agent (YEA!); chats with mom and good friend, Shelly; weather in the 70's for a couple of days

Worst parts: over-tired, whiny toddlers (who refuse to nap, for some reason); PMS (big time); migraine - bleah!; in that fuzzy in-between stage of writing where I've finished one, finished first draft of another, and am not sure what to do next....

Okay, I've done my thing...let's see if I can stick with it -- discipline is good for the soul! (BTW, I also began cleaning my house regularly five weeks ago -- and I'm shocked at how well it's going...I was the world's worst kidding. But now, our house actually looks pretty good, and I'm only spending 20-30 minutes a day...there's hope :)
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