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I told the kiddos I'd try to spend some time with them in sporty activities this summer, and so far, we've done tennis and baseball/catch -- plus yoga three days a week. It's not only enjoyable, but it's going to get me in shape (probably better than I've been for years)!

I'm still doing my own yoga class and trail running when I have the time too...which means I'm moving around more than usual.

On top of that, I didn't get a real migraine this month -- I'm hoping it's the gluten-free stuff...and if it remains like this, you can bet I'll be sticking to the gf diet! (I did break it for canolis and a slice of pizza while in Boston, but I'm thinking one break a month won't kill me -- plus, I won't need to break again, as we're not going anywhere else this summer.)

So I'm thankful for the freedom summer offers to being healthy :) If I can get a nice habit down, perhaps I'll even be able to keep some of it going during the fall...but one step at a time -- I want to get through the summer first!

How do you make changes in your health-seeking routines? What works best for you?
Tags: finding thanks, gluten-free
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