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Five on Friday...

1. We have a wedding tonight for people I don't know and have never met...I'm taking a book, even though DH thinks it's rude ;)

2. For Father's Day, my dad is traveling to CA to visit his mom -- since he missed her on Mother's Day, it's a good thing ;) We're going with my FIL to the Botanic Gardens. DH normally would want to ride, but he jammed his knee about a month ago, and for some reason, it's scared him out of trying much of anything.

3. About the knee: DH said it creaks now when he goes up stairs and hurts a little when he squats, my knees (both of them) have been doing all that for years now. I don't think they're injured -- I just think he's letting it freak him out too much. *sigh* (He gets a little cranky when he can't ride.)

4. We're cleaning the office for Father's Day...*another sigh* I know DH will appreciate it, but I have a feeling his appreciation won't balance the effort it will take me. Still, I also wouldn't mind have a slightly more organized environment.

5. Our camping buddies are going up this weekend, and true to form, the sky is cloudy (and even stormy-looking over the mountains) -- at least they have a camper! I can't decide if I wished we were going with them or not...

Happy weekend :) Anything special planned?
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