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Friday Four...

1. D is having a playdate this afternoon, but E couldn't make up her mind who to invite until this morning -- which meant, of course, that no one is home...she's pouting and whiny (which annoys me and sucks away all my already-limited patience) -- the joys of parenting, no? :)

2. Our camping buddies are extra-busy these days, and we won't have a chance to camp with them until the end of July...but in the meantime, we're meeting them at the Y-camp in Estes Park. They've stayed there before, and I guess there are scheduled activities for kiddos which are included in the price of the room (which isn't cheap, btw -- yeesh). Still, it should be a fun time.

3. One of my closest friends just moved from the NW side of Golden to the SW side (in the NW side, her zip code was a Golden zip; now it's a mtn zip). It'll probably take us maybe five minutes less to reach her new house -- but it's good for her because she's in a little mountain town now (or right next to one), so she will no longer have to drive 30 minutes just to reach the grocery store. And her daughter (who's D's age) will be in the same school as D's teacher from last year (the most amazing one)...not in the same grade the teacher's teaching, sadly, but still -- I think it'll be a great experience for them all. It almost makes me want to move up there too, except that DH doesn't want to live somewhere off the beaten path like that. With all the driving he does, being near the major interchanges helps a great deal!

4. The "kids'" movies coming out this summer look pretty good. Tonight, the kiddos' auntie L is taking them to see Madagascar 3 (which I have no interest in, but she's willing to see). Next week, I'm taking them to see Brave (and I might be more excited than either of them); and next month, I'll take them to see the fourth Ice Age movie. I figure we'd better enjoy this, because it won't be long before the kids will be in the no-man's land of too-old-for-kids'-movies and too-young-for-adult/teen-fare. Of course, D had classmates who went to see Hunger Games (which I would NOT let D see yet...he can read the book in a couple of years, and then we'll rent it). A lot of these kids have parents who think nothing of letting their 9 and 10 year olds watch stuff with sex (or suggestion) and violence in it. Sometimes I feel like the only one who wants her kids to be kids, you know? (I know I'm not the only one -- in fact, I'm betting that most of my friends on LJ feel very similarly...but we might be dying breeds, sadly...)

Happy weekend -- are you doing anything unusually fun?
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