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Weekend Roundup... was unbelievably hot here this weekend. I believe we were over 100 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

...heat doesn't usually bother me, but that's excessive! Yesterday, we even gave in and turned on our air conditioning (first time in two or three years). Of course, then our power went out (thankfully not until evening).

...the worst part is all the fires. :( We have two which are still out of control, and this heat (and the wild wind we keep getting along with it) are making them pretty scary. Dozens of homes have been destroyed, and I don't think either is even half contained, at this point. (One was 60% contained -- and then Friday came, and the gusty winds and 101-degree heat knocked it down to 45% containment).

...people keep saying, "It's global warming" -- but I beg to differ. Last summer, our hill was still green in mid-July, and it rained so much that we had mushrooms growing in our yard. Weather is very cyclical, and 10 years ago, we had another June with over a week of 100+ temps; about 20 years ago, the same thing happened (though I think that was in July). Yeah, it seems extreme and unprecedented when we're in the midst of it, but it's not 'abnormal.'

...aside from hiding inside all weekend, I did organize all my books (ha, my previous post). I moved one of my bookcases to the 'reading' room (actually, I don't read in there, but since all my other books are stored there, I decided it was time to consolidate).

Today's supposed to be mildly cooler (96 instead of 101), and here's hoping the fires calm down! Happy last June Monday (can that be??) :)
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