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Yeah, things are pretty horrifying for many in CO right now. The fires are spreading, and it's hard to see the pictures of homes burning. :( The subdivision in Colorado Springs which is being destroyed is (was) such a beautiful neighborhood. Those homes stood in the rolling plains leading up to the foothills in northern CO Springs (not too far from the Air Force Academy), and my heart aches for those who have lost so much.

At the same time, very few lives have been lost (I think it's only one so far -- which is one too many, I know, but so much less horrific than it could be). It's been a real reminder to me of how blessed we are and how material things, though filling their roles, can definitely be replaced or lived without. The one thing I've thought of most is pictures, I must admit. This whole fire mess is encouraging me to save all my pictures on CDs (and then make sure they're easy to reach).

A couple of summers ago, our hill caught fire (a lightening strike), and if conditions had been like they are today, we might have lost our home too. The heat is record-setting right now, and that, combined with the gusty winds (which we always have) and the complete lack of any real moisture (it rained for less than 15 minutes last night) is making for a very messy and out-of-control situation here.

I hope you're all safe and fire-free right now! I think we have enough smoke and flames for the rest of the world combined...
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