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Thankful for...

...a touch of rain (which added humidity and seems to have helped with the fire issues -- at least, they don't appear to be spreading, at the moment).

...time with friends (Brave later this afternoon with one of my closest friends and her daughter, and Estes Park this weekend with our dear camping friends)

...enjoying my kiddos. :) I've really enjoyed all our time together so far this summer -- I feel very blessed to have children I like to spend time with!

...balance. Through yoga, down time, a gluten-free diet, and the many moments of beauty, I feel better than I have in a long time (I didn't feel bad before, of's just that my energy is definitely increasing, and I think the consistent lack of gluten is truly helping my overall health -- not only physically, but mentally).

Happy Thursday to you :)
water lily purple
Tags: finding thanks, gluten-free
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