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Weekend Roundup...

...I'd post pix, but I only ended up taking a couple -- and they weren't great.

...the reason for that is that our weekend was activity filled -- at least, for the kiddos. The YMCA camp has all these scheduled activities that kids can sign up for (and our friends signed us up, since they were there earlier). So we got up early on Saturday (painful, especially as I still had the migraine), got our food together, packed the car and were on the road by 8:45. Practically the moment we arrived, the kiddos started their first activity (SPUD, which I used to play in elementary school). From there, they got to make friendship bracelets (E), play basketball (D), have a picnic (ha, all of us), play putt-putt, do some archery, eat out (with all of us again), and not get to bed until 9:30 (I stayed up longer reading with my book light, while DH and his good friend M talked on the balcony).

...on Sunday, we had a nice breakfast (they gave us two complimentary tickets, so we only had to pay $8 for the four of us) at the camp buffet (tons of GF options -- yay), and then the kiddos swam for a couple of hours. After another pleasant lunch (in the shade of a small group of aspens while a gentle breeze blew), the kiddos played with bubbles (those cool big ones) and then played foosball and did some origami. DH got in a nice mtn bike ride and M got to fish (it was his b-day yesterday). P, M's wife, is one of my close friends, so we had a great time just hanging out and chatting while the kiddos did their things.

...we left around 3:30 and took the back way home (which is a very pretty drive past Long's Peak and down the South St. Vrain canyon). We stopped in Lyons for a special treat -- the Lyon's Soda Shop makes some of the best ice cream desserts around, and the kids split (ha) a banana split with DH while I had a mint choc chip milkshake -- yum!

...the heat was once again stifling (sigh), but apparently the fire control is improving anyway. We're supposed to get some rain this afternoon (although it's already quite hot this morning).

All in all, a very nice weekend with good friends and beautiful scenery! I can hardly believe it's July...hope it's a good holiday week for all of my U.S. friends :)

P.S. How did you celebrate the end of June? ;)
Tags: friends, kid fun, migraine, travel
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