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Randomness... SIL and her family came for dinner last night. It was a very nice time -- they're my favs of all DH's relatives (well, they and his aunts and uncles). My FIL was here too, and it was an enjoyable evening all around!'s always good to hear from my SIL that she has trouble with her mom (my MIL) too. In fact, my BIL said that they never know *which* MIL persona they're going to meet when they see her -- which pointed out to me that I'm not alone in my struggles with her. They're heading down today to visit, and I'm hoping for the best for them! (They invited us to join them, but since DH has other plans this weekend, I decided I didn't need the extra time with my MIL without him.)

...I had my first school meeting of the 2012-2013 this morning. It was with our new principal, and she's a really neat person. I'm excited to see what she can do in the school...though, we have some seriously intense parents, so it's going to be challenging for her!

...the bickering between the kiddos is picking up speed -- I forget that there's a reason I'm usually glad when school begins again. We're going to see Ice Age this afternoon, so that will help (ha).

What's happening with you? :)
Tags: family, life, teh busyness
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