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Friday Four...

1. We're going up to have some paddle boat fun this afternoon -- the kids have never done a paddle boat before, so it should be interesting ;)

2. I've had this muscle twitch in my left leg (near my knee) for two days now (no pain, just annoyance)...and I will admit I was getting a little freaked out. Then DH said, "It's nothing. It will go away. Quit worrying about it and get on with life." He's so right -- and now I'm going to try and do that (I will also admit I have a hard time not worrying about things like that -- I think when you're mostly healthy, anything going wrong can freak you out more...or maybe it's just me).

3. Instead of the brunch at my parents', we're going up to a restaurant in the mountains -- and then a walk. Should be a nice time, and I'm looking forward to it.

4. I'm hoping this cold slips away soon too -- it's making my brain fuzzy, and I'm ready to be thinking like a normal person (well, as close as I get) again.

Happy August weekend!
Tags: family, needing thanks
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