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Weekend Roundup...

...well, it did rain on Friday, but it stopped long enough for us to set up the tent and eat our dinner. Plus, the kiddos got s'mores (and I did too -- GF graham crackers and all).

...Saturday, it kept looking like rain, but we didn't actually get any. It was cool-ish, so every time the sun shone between the quickly moving cloud clusters, we soaked up the warmth. :) But the kiddos played hard, and during the afternoon, our friends followed them in their truck while the kids went on a long bike ride -- and I stayed at camp (all alone) and reveled in the quiet, the sun, the breeze, and my book. Perfect.

...Saturday night, the clouds broke completely, and we enjoyed the fire (more s'mores for the kiddos) and the stars. Even though it was colder that night, I slept like a log (which killed my poor back -- I'm glad we have an air mattress, because the ground is not for me, but it definitely does my back in).

...yesterday, it was the sunniest yet, and we packed up at a leisurely pace while the kiddos played more 'Kick the Can' and horseshoes. We got home in the early afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to unpack the car, start the wash, and clean ourselves up, as well.

Really, it was one of the best camping trips we've had -- so if it's our last of the year, we're set. :)

Now we head into our final week of summer break -- we'll try to play hard (and sleep long)! Any special plans for you?
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