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I gave a talk to all the teachers yesterday about parent volunteers (as I'm the new Volunteer Coordinating Chair at our school) and how we can help them incorporate said volunteers...and it turns out that D's teacher doesn't want any parents in his classroom. *headdesk*

Of course, our district has an open door policy (meaning parents *must* have admittance into the classroom during the school day), so he will most likely have to revise his position. Still, he's new to the school, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to put myself on his radar already. *sigh* I'll try to be very nice and flexible about it, but there's no doubt that I want to be in the classroom regularly (a couple times a month, at least) -- and there are a couple of moms who will insist on even more than that (I've known these parents for four years now -- it's an unusually active group of parents).

It's never easy...
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