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Four on Friday...

1. No, we don't have color yet -- however, it's looking like it might be a fair amount earlier than normal this year. Last year, if you remember my panic, it was much later -- but as it's some kind of random formula between heat and rain, and we've had almost no rain this year and tons of heat, it *appears* that some leaves and undergrowth are already starting to turn (especially around the passes). I'm excited but also not...early leaf turn means our trees are bare that much sooner, and that's always sad.

2. Today's the 'meet and greet' for the kiddos and their teachers -- and we have to take in our school supplies. We're slowly getting smarter: this year, we crammed all their stuff into large, rolling backpacks. They're both stuffed (in fact, the Kleenex didn't fit, so we will still have to carry a bag).

3. My brother is offering to start up piano lessons for E again...which made DH and me think about having D join her. I *think* he's ready for this -- it would only be once a month, and he is getting to the point where he needs some technical direction (which I can show him by example but can't really explain very well). E doesn't want lessons at all, but knowing how good this is for her, we're not really giving her that option. My poor brother (heh)...

4. D spent last night at his bff's -- and to show how similar they are, the bff told me this: "We have exactly 22 hours of our playdate -- but you know, we'll have to use 8 of those hours to sleep -- so we have 14 hours. I have it all scheduled." It's scary how much those two think alike...

Happy Friday! :)
Tags: glorious seasons, piano, school stuff
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