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Weekend Roundup...

...oi. Saturday was fine. We had piano lessons (the first for D in two years), and they seemed to go really well (yay).

...Saturday night was the Turtle Fest -- a big neighborhood-wide party with free food, beer, and music. I don't usually go, but I walked down with the fam this time, and it was a pleasant evening (even though I couldn't eat anything other than the popcorn, ha).

...yesterday was a weird day. The kiddos were hyper-aware that it was their last 'official' day of summer break, and they couldn't quite figure out what to do. And then, bedtime came...*sigh*.

...D didn't get to sleep until 4:30 in the morning. He claimed he wasn't worried or wired about school, but he just couldn't sleep. E woke up around eleven, in tears from a nightmare. She slept in my bed, which only kind of worked. I slept from 11:30 to 1:30 before waking up with a raging migraine (on the left side -- first time that's happened). At least I could keep D company (poor kiddo). E finally went back to her own bed around 3:30 yeah, not a very restful night. Believe it or not, they made the bus (just -- we reached the park right as the bus pulled up to the stop).

...I took a short nap (about 90 minutes), and then I had a meeting at school (of course). D says it went well, though he looks and sounds exhausted. Let's hope he sleeps tonight! E had a great first day (yay), and she's still very excited about being in the GT class this year.

So, I hope your Monday was a little less foggy than mine ;)
Tags: migraine, sleep issues
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