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Gluten-Free Update...

I started the GF journey on April 1. As of today, I've lost just over 8 pounds (I waver between 8 and 9 pounds lost, depending on the day). I've had five cycles, and the migraine pattern seems to be every other month is migraine-free -- which is good.

Of course, I'm hoping to get that migraine tally down to NO migraines. I also still have sleep issues (but I suppose gluten can't solve everything). One nice sleep difference is that I seem to need less sleep to still have energy.

Another issue is finding easy food to snack on, especially foods with protein. Many protein bars are either gluten-filled or have peanuts (which I'm also avoiding because they're on the hypo-thyroid avoid list). Expense continues to provide problems, as well; it's ridiculous how much GF foods cost!

All in all, it's a journey I will continue. I'm thinking I'll go at least a year before I make any decisions about long term commitment. That should give my old body time to completely detoxify and rid itself of gluten. When E was on her GF diet, the doctors told us it took babies 4-6 months to completely detox; adults took longer (according to them). I don't know if that's still the common belief, but it'll be good for my thyroid issues anyway, I'm guessing. Plus, then I'll see if the migraines return once my body adjusts (which I'm so hoping doesn't happen)...

Anyone else trying something new?
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