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1. Today felt like the old school schedule -- I had to take something in for D (which he forgot -- he's on the forgetful side, just like I can be); then I went to the gym; then I spent some quality time at our local thrift store (where I got a ton of stuff -- something for everyone, along with kitchen, office, and camping supplies). When arriving home, I made a late brunch for DH and me...kind of putzing around, which I haven't been able to do for ages (probably this time last year, as work begins early September).

2. I started a new book this morning -- the first book I've picked up in over a week (ack). I just haven't felt motivated to read, which is weird for me. However, I do have these moments now and then, so I know it will pass. And I like the book so far...

3. Our weather is suddenly very fall-like. I'm wondering if I need to be checking the 'color' sites regularly -- I always get nervous that I'm going to miss the aspens, especially as things begin cooling down.

4. My SIL lives in Hawaii (she moved there about a year ago -- her husband's in the army). Last time she was there, we didn't get out to see her. DH is determined we'll make it this time, but the only time the flights are cheap(er) is during school...and I'm not in vacation mode right now. The thought of having to take time off from school makes me a little crazy, at the moment. Thankfully, I think DH wants to wait until November or December (for work purposes) -- so hopefully, we'll find cheaper flights then too.

5. Both kiddos have had homework every night this week -- what's up with that? I'm not a homework fan...and tomorrow, there's no school. But since we're having a block party, that's probably a good thing (plus, I'll be able to sleep in -- and I've so missed that [yes, I know it's only been four days]).

What's something random from your life today?
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