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Weekend Roundup...

...Friday night's block party was fun (although I'm not really a party person). It was nice to sit and chat with my friends (we usually only have a few minutes at the bus stop), and I learned about how each of them met their husbands (girl stuff, no?).

...something interesting (to me, at least): There were about ten 5th graders there with parents. Only D and two others (both girls) were from his class. The others also go to the neighborhood school but are in gen ed -- and one of those (a girl, of course) suggested they all go to the park and play Truth or Dare. This was around 9-ish at night, so it was fully dark out. Only one asked her mom (one of the girls from D's class); D was already upstairs, listening to the live music. The other girl from D's class opted to watch the movie (which is what E and all the younger kids were doing). The rest of the 5th graders trouped right over to the park (and their parents were oblivious) -- and eventually got a solid talking to from the local sheriff, who does drive-throughs in our neighborhood (because of recent break-ins). What amazes me is that the instigator of the whole thing comes from a solid home and parents who appear to be very involved (and parents who profess to be Christians and take their kids to church every week -- though that's a whole 'nother topic for another day)...but I've seen her instigate stuff before, and I think she might have her parents snowed. :( It's a shame, and I was simply relieved that D showed no interest in hanging out with his peers once he saw what they were doing. Actually, he lost interest in their activities early on -- he'd rather be playing a game (either sports, like frisbee or catch, or a board game).

...I got to have lunch with my friend P on Saturday. It was our 'birthday' lunch -- hers was in July and mine's coming up in a few weeks. Usually we try for two separate 'dates,' but this year's just been too busy. We had a nice time, though. :)

...yesterday was cleaning day (my favorite, ha). DH went on a long mountain bike ride. He left before the rest of us got up, and he didn't get home till after the kiddos were in bed. Then I learned that his car was working (he'd woken up to find it kaput, sigh). So this morning we're working on how to get it fixed and how to share a car throughout the duration.

Happy last Monday of August!
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