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Kid sleep issues...

Poor D couldn't get to sleep last night again. It wasn't as bad as the previous time (a week ago Sunday), but I hate to see him struggling. :( I'm not a good sleeper, either (and never have been), so there's probably some genetic component here.

Last night, he finally dropped off around 11, so he managed about 8 hours -- much better than the 3 he got a week before. But it's frustrating to lay in bed, tired and wanting sleep, and to not be able to let go.

For me, when I have those nights (probably a handful a year) where I truly cannot get to sleep, there comes a time (usually around 4 or 5 am) when I feel that barrier suddenly fall, and I know I can sleep...but as morning comes only a couple of hours later, it's not restful or even close to long enough.

I could see that frustration on D's face last night, and I just wanted to be able to work some kind of magic to help him let go. *sigh*

I've googled kid sleep issues, and I have some ideas -- but I'm always open for more! Anything work on you or someone you know? :) (Um, not going for prescription or even OTC yet...too many side effects for my taste.)
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