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The ups and downs (with a Tolle spin)...

My life tends to be pretty even-keeled most of the time. Every now and then, however, there are ups (always fun) and downs (not so fun). Yesterday was kind of a down day, and as always, it takes time to not only get over the circumstances but also the emotions.

Tolle talks a lot about not labeling emotions as good or bad but rather letting yourself experience them. It's not easy to do, but I'm trying today. The emotions I'm feeling? Disappointment. Frustration. Concern. Anxiety. And I feel somewhat scattered, which means I'm working on getting my act together. ;)

I do think it's important to also look for positive aspects, even during down times -- and certainly, last night was a highlight to the otherwise challenging day. D's teacher gave his back-to-school talk, and it was thoughtful, well-presented, and provided some good insights into his motivations and philosophies. I left feeling much more peaceful about D's upcoming year.

Interestingly, I was one of the only parents who felt better after his talk. I don't know if it's because I used to be a teacher or if it's because D is unusually responsible and organized (or both); but it certainly reminded me that Tolle has a point: life is life, and how it strikes us (in terms of being 'good' or 'bad') is amazingly subjective. If I can stop labeling events and simply live them, I do think I will grow toward peace and joy and acceptance/understanding.

So now, as I allow the other emotions to exist in me and consider the next steps (ie, what can I do about the old friend who didn't meet me as arranged yesterday and hasn't yet contacted me with any reason? or what advice/support can I offer DH about his car which is fixable -- maybe -- but with no guarantees? or how will I handle the disorganized and somewhat overwhelming task of coordinating volunteers for school? etc), I'm also trying to just live and take each moment for what it is...

So simple, no? (I wish, ha.)

How about you?
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