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Four on Friday...

1. Our car situation still isn't resolved, but it's getting closer -- and I'm doing what I can to not feel helpless ;) I feel kind of spoiled, because I hate being stuck at home -- but it's only a few days. And my mom was not only stuck at home when I was little (when I was six and under), but they only had one car period -- so when it broke down, she had to figure out how to get my dad to work while still dealing with two little kids. And once she did, she was again trapped in their tiny house in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere...whew! Yeah, I'm lucky.

2. I've been in a reading slump lately and struggling to find books which pique my interest...but last night, I read two YA e-galleys, and I'm hoping that reading spark is building again. I'm certainly interested in a couple of rereads (old favorites).

3. Three day weekend...'nuff said ;)

4. Every year at this time, we take a little jaunt to the highest peaks. I think we're going up on Sunday, and I'm excited to see if the leaves are starting to change up there (like they are down here) -- plus, there's something about traveling to 'the top of the world' that's very invigorating. I love living here!

Happy last day of August! Any plans for the 'labor-free' weekend?
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