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Weekend Roundup...

...well, the car situation is improving (slowly). The brake sensor light actually went off -- so we rushed to the emissions place and got it tested (and it passed, thankfully). Then I got the tags renewed (finally). Plus, DH's car is repaired (though not fixed) and drive-able -- but DH is planning to either sell it or trade it in (for parts) before it breaks down again. At least I can be driving the truck when needed.

...also, I heard from my friend. Turns out he texted me (and I don't get texts on my phone) and had a family emergency (a death, sadly). So he didn't stand me up, after all, though I'm sorry that he was dealing with sadness. :(

...DH took D to a CU v. CSU watching party on Saturday, while E and I hung out here.

...yesterday, we made the trip up high, and I'd add pictures, but LJ is being tricky...sigh. I'll add them throughout the week, instead. :)

All in all, a very nice first weekend in September! How about you?
Tags: finding thanks, nature
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