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The pix...

(Mt. Bierstadt is the peak on the right there -- DH and I have hiked that before)

(There might have been a few people up there...)

(D at Summit Lake, which is the lake just below Mt. Evans)

(You can barely see Denver off in the distance here)

(Here's a pic of Summit Lake -- it was so serene!)

(Echo Lake, which is down before you pay to go up to Mt. Evans -- and you can see Mt. Evans rising above it)

(The leaves were just starting to turn...)

(The area around Summit Lake is covered with tiny ponds surrounded by tundra -- it was gorgeous!)

(This is looking down to Summit Lake from the top of Mt. Evans)

(And here's Echo Lake from the road winding up to Summit Lake and Mt. Evans)
Tags: glorious seasons, nature
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