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So my right eye was bothering me a bit last night, but I figured it would relax as I slept...except that my FIL called at 11:30 pm, saying he was sick. He originally wanted a ride to the ER, but since we live 30-35 minutes away, DH suggested he simply call an ambulance. Plus, he was vomiting and blacking out, and we weren't sure what to do with that.

He said he'd call back when he knew what was going on. That type of thing always keeps me from sleeping -- and by morning (with very little sleep, to boot), the annoyance in my eye became a full-fledged migraine. *sigh* The good news is that it's the first non-hormonal migraine in years...I guess I can call that a silver lining. ;)

We did get to talk to him this morning (he never had a chance to call back). He also got no sleep (no surprise), and although they've run a number of tests, they haven't even provided a doctor for him to see, let alone any kind of diagnosis. The good news on his part is that he's feeling much better.

He has a very different approach to illness/pain than I do -- though granted, I don't live alone. Still, I don't think I would call the ER for vomiting, even if I passed out. In fact, I've had food poisoning before (which is what I suspect this was) which made me so dizzy (the loss of fluids) that I fainted. The good news about him going to the ER is that he got IV fluids, and I suspect that's part of why he's feeling so much better today.

Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I should take a nap or not...

Happy Thursday :)
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