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Weekend Roundup...

...last week was an interesting week: DH's step-father's mom died (she was very ill, so it wasn't a surprise, per se); DH's dad had health issues (but he's fine now, and when we took him home Friday night, he seemed completely healthy); and my dear friend L's dad died (that was somewhat unexpected -- he's been in poor health for some time, but they didn't expect it to happen so quickly). L's dad wasn't even 70 yet, and she and her siblings (9 altogether) are in a bit of shock and overwhelm. Their dad wasn't a great dad, and in some ways, I think that makes it even harder...

...this was the bi-monthly weekend for piano lessons, and both kids did well -- yay! After the painful attempts at lessons two years ago, it's good to see D handling it much better this time.

...DH made some killer guacamole this weekend -- he makes it about once a month, but this version was one of the best he's made in some time.

...the Broncos won, so D and DH are happy (*men*).

...I'm slowly settling back into the regular work schedule. It's a bit of a shock to my system, I must admit -- I'd gotten much more used to the lazy working of summer than I realized. Now I have to work on 11 papers a day, and my brain is struggling to get with it ;)

...E start swim lessons tonight, and D starts choir tomorrow -- we're gearing up!

Happy Monday :)
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