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On turning 44...

I like true double digits -- 11, 22, 33, and now 44. There's something about them which feels balanced and right. Does that mean this year will reflect that? Well, technically, I've already lived my 44th year, no? This past year was a good one in many ways -- very typical of life. :)

I don't remember 11 much. My 11th year was rough -- the year of shunning at school. I had no friends, and I cried a lot. Those are my only memories of that year. When I reached the age of 11 and started my 12th year, things eased up a bit as I began to learn how to handle the taunts and teases and pokes from those around me.

My 22nd year brought my first serious boyfriend. Although I'd had crushes before -- a couple of them quite strong crushes, this person was probably my first love. Another learning experience, I'd say. :)

My 33rd year was filled with changes. DH and I were still on the new-ish side of married, and we'd decided to start a family. In preparation, I closed down the school I'd been running for the previous 8 years. When I turned 33, it was two days after 9/11. DH and I sat in a half-empty restaurant on a hill (one not far from our current house, though it was across town from the house we lived in at the time) and looked over the lights of the city. All around us were murmurs and hushed conversation. It was a very surreal time -- not only because we were still in a bit of shock, but also because we'd just found out I was pregnant...

My 44th year was, as I said above, mostly good. There have been challenges and triumphs, days of laughter and smiles and days of tears (though not many of those). I feel blessed and ready to be 44 -- true double digits again. :)

What are your favorite numbers to reach?

water on leaves1 (from a very brief jaunt I took to the hills yesterday in the rain...)
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