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Weekend Roundup...

...D had a b-day party Friday night, and his whole class (barring 3) was there. He had a great time, and I got to catch up with the other moms :)

...Saturday seemed long. The kiddos were gone most of the day (and all night), and I spent the entire time working on the computer (combination of school needs and work). Whew!

...yesterday, I got up before I wanted to and cleaned house (sigh). I like the results, but I would've also liked some more sleep (ha). Then the kiddos returned and we went to the Corn Maze (which was neat, though very hot) -- I will have pix eventually, but Google+ is not behaving today. After, I had more work (I need to adjust still).

...D was bummed that the Broncos lost and couldn't sleep. He did finally drop off, and this morning, his optimism returned, even though we woke to a grey day (complete with sprinkles).

Off to work on that adjustment ;) Have a great Monday (the last one in September?!)!
Tags: teh busyness
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