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Thursday Thoughts...

...I had a great lunch with my friend L yesterday. Her daughter is also in 5th grade (that's how we met -- D and O had pre-K together for two years), though at a different school. O has been having issues with shifting friendships and insecurities in dealing with those. It gave me a picture of what I might be seeing with E in a couple of years.

...there was a bear wandering around right near where we had lunch. We didn't see him, though -- a man stopped and told us he saw the scat and paw prints (we ate near a creek). I guess he likes the cottonwood trees around there too (another passerby had a pic of the bear nestled in the crook of the tree right where we were sitting).

...I noticed this morning that our bus stop has an unusually high percentage of blonde/blond kiddos. In fact, D and E are two of only four (out of 15) who aren't blonde/blond...curious and random fact.

...conferences are next week, and I'm curious to see how they go. I will definitely be talking to D's teaching about the homework. *sigh*

...I love Thursdays -- probably my most relaxed work day of the week :)

Happy Thursday!
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