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Four on Friday...

1. D has a sleep-over tonight with his two best friends. It's also a half-day, which means I'll be lucky to get much done once E gets home at 12:45. *sigh*

2. Both kiddos' classes had subs yesterday, and all I could think was about my time as a sub -- I think I would have turned around and walked out if I had to sub a class filled with 18 8-year old boys! (I don't think D's class is as bad, but I suppose if you weren't familiar with the kids, 19 10-year old boys would seem just as bad!)

3. I enjoyed TV last night. I don't get to watch many shows (as the TV is typically tuned to football in the fall), but I got to watch 'The Middle' and 'Modern Family' on Wednesday, along with 'Last Resort' and 'Grey's Anatomy' (which is hit or miss for me) last night. I liked 'Last Resort', though it seems like they rushed the set-up a bit...hopefully, they'll give it better world-building in future episodes.

4. Of course, 'The Amazing Race' starts on Sunday -- yay!! (I'll have to watch it on the 'lesser' TV upstairs, though.) I guess there's a parent from my kiddos' school on the show, so that will be fun. They're having a big party at a local bar (with a bunch of school parents going) -- but that might be too much socializing for me. I'd rather watch in the peace and quiet of my own home (and bedroom, because of football). :)

Happy final weekend of September!
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