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Four on Friday...

1. Snow?! *sigh* (only an inch or less, and it'll be all melted within an hour, I bet -- still...)

2. I had a parent contact me yesterday and ask me not to use the phrase 'good luck' on her daughter's papers. In all fairness, I recall the days (ye olde church-going days) when I heard from a number of people that there was no such thing as luck -- because God was behind everything, and therefore, He was in control. I don't disagree with His omnipotence at all, but I've long since gotten over the idea that saying 'good luck' is blasphemous. But this mom's note made me recall that to many people, it is still...and in some ways, that's sad. It certainly reminds me of the power of words -- because even though we might be meaning something only positive when we speak, the true meaning behind words so often depends on how they're received. And we can have the best intentions in every way, and our words will still be received poorly when the hearer (or reader) can't put aside their pre-conceived ideas long enough to accept the positive thoughts behind the words. I guess that's why it makes me a little sad. It's a reminder that written words, especially (since the receivers can't hear our tone of voice), are tricky, no? So now I'm saying, "Happy writing" instead of "Good luck"...

3. I had to laugh (though I don't think it was intended to be funny) when Mark (on Gray's Anatomy) responded to his girlfriend's 'I love you' with, 'I love Lexy.' I enjoyed The Last Resort too...but DH got control of the remote before I could watch more than five minutes of Elementary. I'm not a huge TV person, but Weds and Thurs (and TAR, of course) are the nights I enjoy -- but I still have to compete with football. ;)

4. Apparently E doesn't have any boots (this was a crisis this morning, as the field will be wet and muddy during recess) -- so guess what I'm hunting for today? Of course, I have to find them on sale somewhere...and I almost choked when I saw the 'sale' prices at Kohl's ($40+ per pair). I simply can't justify spending that much on a pair of shoes which will only fit for a few months! *sigh* I'm hoping I can find something more reasonable...

Have a great weekend (first weekend in October) -- we're supposed to get more snow (maybe) tomorrow...yeesh! :)
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