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Weekend Roundup...

...quiet weekend. I didn't get a ton of sleep, and the migraine switched to a vice-grip type at the base of my skull for Saturday (sigh).

...still, we managed to clean house yesterday (phew), and D had a great pre-season b-ball practice (impromptu, but the whole team sans one showed up).

...and, I got in a ton of work, leaving the next three days a little more relaxed (yay). Also, I have a number of really good books (I think) waiting on my TBR pile right now (love that feeling). I have some reports to post, but I've been putting it off, so be prepared for a longer post about those before too long (before I forget what I've read, hopefully).

Beautiful fall weather right now -- hope you're all enjoying the season! :D
Tags: headache, life
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