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Weekend Roundup...

...I tend to be pretty skeptical when weathermen say there's a huge storm coming, but after watching some video of waves already rising in NJ, I'm definitely concerned about all of you in that area -- please stay safe (and leave, if you still can). My aunt lives right on the ocean:
noreast waves1
and that storm was a 'small' nor'easter. I don't think they're evacuating, either (though perhaps the Boston area isn't in as much danger?).

...we had our Fall Festival on Saturday (HOA sponsored). There was food, games, pumpkins, etc. The kids had a great time, but it was darn chilly -- it took me over an hour to warm up when I got home (huddled in blankets). SIL and her family (sans C, who is off in OH for college) dropped by yesterday. We seldom know in advance when they'll be in town, but they generally call the day before to let us know. They stayed with my FIL, and the four of them came over for brunch (which DH fixed). It was a nice time -- until little C (19 months) tipped over her chair and face-planted on the wood floor. My SIL and BIL jumped into action, and they were gone in about a minute, headed off to the urgent care. I guess little C had some cuts in her mouth, but nothing which warranted stitches (thankfully).

...I helped a neighbor (a girl from D's class) with writing yesterday. It was fun, and I'm hoping it was good for her too (hehe). She's a sweet girl -- and very creative -- but she's trying to get into the Denver School of Arts with a video emphasis...I personally think she'd be better off to aim for writing only, but who knows? Maybe she's just what they're looking for. :)

...D and the other two in his class who are ahead in math will be starting pre-Algebra this week. I'll be helping (yay). I got to work with one of the boy's younger brother in E's class last week too.

...our weather is beautiful today (already 53 degrees -- quite a bit warmer than Saturday afternoon). It reminds me how lucky we are -- and keeps my thoughts on the East coast, interestingly enough.

Hope it's a good and safe Monday for all!
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