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So I started working with D and two others in pre-Algebra today. It will be a regular thing (probably daily), which means it's time for me to get organized. Ack!

I'm also hoping to start NaNo on Thursday (I already have a rough outline of the first couple chapters, my cast of characters, and a general idea of where to start -- whew!).

And I ended up with ten more students this session than I had for the last one -- so my head is spinning a bit. Add to that Scholastic (and their wonderful book fair, which is coming in two weeks), and I'm feeling a little pressured on all sides.

Granted, this is all good stuff, yes? But I will need to take stock and actually figure out when I'm going to accomplish what -- especially as I want to be sure and keep up the daily exercise too (yeesh).

The good news about all this is that I do my best work when I have to be organized and actually schedule things...I'm hopeful that I'll be able to meet the challenge!

How about you? How do you juggle all the busy-ness in your life?
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