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Weekend Roundup...

...the kiddos' Auntie took E out for her birthday shopping trip Friday night -- E was delighted.

...I'm slowly catching up on sleep, though not as much as I'd like. But every little bit helps, and the on-going headache I had last week seems to be gone (*fingers crossed*) as of yesterday.

...I'm definitely catching up on relaxing; we spent Saturday evening and into the night (after ten) with our camping friends. And yesterday, I read for a few hours before doing anything else.

...I also got back with NaNo and managed 3100 words yesterday. I'm about 2/3 (or so) through the story, and I'm hoping to finish it by next Sunday (we'll see)., I'm getting together with one of my best friends. We haven't had time since September, so we're long overdue! Our kiddos will be with us, but it's still better than nothing, no? :)

I hope your Monday is a good one -- are you ready for Turkey Day (here in the US)?
Tags: friends, life, sleep issues

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