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Last night, I actually got a fairly good night's sleep -- should make for a less tired day, no?

Although I enjoy helping out in my kiddos' classrooms, I must admit that hearing that I'm not needed in either class today or tomorrow made me feel like I'd gotten a holiday ;).

I have a few errands I need to accomplish today, and not only should I have the time, but I'll also have additional time to finish up a few papers.

It's a gorgeous fall day today, already 50 degrees with a warm wind...sometimes that means a storm is on the way (and for once, I'm hoping that's the case -- we need some moisture desperately!).

Only two days to complete my NaNo novel, and I'm so close I can taste it (hehe)...I'm pretty sure I can pull it off, but we'll see. I probably won't make the word count total, but I honestly only want to finish and don't really care about 'winning.'

Happy final Thursday in November!
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