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Five on Friday...

1. While it's still Friday, I'd better get this out ;) I think my good night's sleep Weds night jinxed me (sigh). Last night, I couldn't get to sleep...I finally dropped off around 3 am, but I woke up well before the alarm at 6:20.

2. It's interesting that I can still hit the trails -- I went on a brisk walk this morning (before coming home for a short nap).

3. I had a great lunch with my BFF Liz -- she always makes me happy!

4. D has his second game tonight (his first was Monday). He's hoping to do better (personally) than he did Monday, though the team won.

5. I must admit that I HATE putting up the Christmas tree. Don't get me wrong -- I love how it looks once it's up, but I truly dislike the process of putting it up. DH is trying to convince me to use the larger tree. My response: "If you want the larger tree, then you're putting it up." Seems obvious to me ;) Just putting up the smaller one is such a trial...but now that November is ending, I don't have anymore excuses.

Enjoy December (can't believe it starts tomorrow)!
Tags: friends, holidays, sleep issues

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