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Four on Friday...

1. 'They' claim the snow is coming...I hope they're right! We desperately need moisture, so I hope it's not simply cold with no snow (or rain -- we'll take either).

2. It's my MIL's b-day tomorrow. She's coming tonight for the weekend, so I spent some time today preparing the house. I'm also working on Christmas cards and a couple of presents. Plus, we had Muffins for Moms this morning at school (HUGE turn-out -- it took us 30 minutes to get to the food line), I went to the gym, ran a couple errands, got my hair cut, and -- well, let's just say I'm feeling very accomplished. :)

3. My SIL and her family are also coming tomorrow -- she and her husband are two of my favorite people (especially within the family), so I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Even though we have very different views on almost everything (ha -- especially politics), I so enjoy spending time with them!

4. I have been taking melatonin every night this week -- and what a difference it's made! I'm actually getting a solid (without waking more than once -- and usually not for longer than 15 minutes) seven hours every night (and a couple of nights, it's been closer to eight). I don't know if my body will eventually adjust to this (so it will no longer work), but I cannot tell you how much better (and more alive) I'm feeling after five nights of good sleep. Plus, although I had a short-lived migraine on Weds (left side) and I woke to one this morning (right side), they both seem minimized...and I'm wondering how much of my past migraine struggles have been tied to sleep issues. I'll keep you posted :)

Happy Friday!
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