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Top Eleven Reads of 2012! Number Six...

It's hard to believe it's the end of 2012 -- which means it's time for another list of books from yours truly. ;) I would've only done the top ten, except that I only have eleven five-star reads this year -- so I will highlight them all. It's always challenging to put this in any kind of order, and I want to point out that it's rather subjective (on top of already being a subjective list), as the way I feel about these books right now is different than I might have felt three months ago. Plus, the top eight are clumped so closely together in my mind (in terms of enjoyment) that they're almost random in their order -- you could simply say that I loved all eleven, and I adored the top eight pretty much equally! (All the covers link to their Tattered Cover book page, fyi.)

That said, let's move to number Six (out of 111 books read this year):


The Last Echo, by Kimberly Derting
Why did this stay with me? First, it's a great mystery. All of Derting's books in this series are, and it's so hard to find good YA mysteries that these are gems. Second, it's not only a mystery, it's got a paranormal twist (which I love), and it's subtle and doesn't involve creatures (even better, for me personally). Third, the romance is well done. There's a hint of a triangle, but the reasons for it are solid, and I'm honestly torn between the two boys (just as Violet is) -- and the thing is, she's incredibly faithful and loyal, so her feelings for the second boy frustrate her too. It's just well done and realistic rather than being one of those triangles where you feel like the author is throwing it in for some easy (and lackluster) tension. Fourth, like a couple of other series I love (two of which I'll be commenting on in a day or two), each book brings us deeper into this world and deeper into the characters. I really appreciate that, and it makes me want to keep reading rather than getting tired of the series. And fifth, each book has its own story arc -- along with plot points which carry throughout all the books. For me, that makes it easier to enjoy each book, as I'm not having to wait for the next one to learn the most important aspects. Again, highly recommended (though you should start with the first if you haven't read any: The Body Finder).
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