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My first entry...

Summer is a funny's anticipated for so long, but by the end, it seems to drag. When I was a teacher, I'd count the days from the first minute of winter/spring semester until the final hooplah. But within three weeks of vacation, I was ready to begin planning for the next year. Since I taught in a one-room school, I did it all. I planned lessons, wrote curriculum, ordered books, set the name it. It took so much time, but in all honesty, it was one of my favorite parts of that school. I also loved the first few days...the week before Christmas (when we always did a Christmas play that I wrote and directed, complete with singing, of course)...and the final week of the school year, when we prepared for our Annual Tea (the students made all the food, and we decorated according to a theme that was chosen each year, usually by me -- we also did a dance every year, choreographed by my mom and me to classical music).

Now that I'm no longer teaching, summer is still long...we waited for it because my kids wanted to play outside more often. I thought we'd spend every day out back, either in the small wading pool or in the sandbox. Those things are always more fun in my head than in reality -- there's sand everywhere, the water's too cold, they get bored after fifteen minutes...and then my daughter's leg broke and that was the end of water fun, anyway. We're entering a new era this fall as my son begins pre-school four hours a week (two mornings)...

And through it all, I look ahead to the day when I'll have a little more time to myself...only two more years, I keep repeating. Then Devin will be in Kindergarten and Ellie in pre-school (but three days a week, I'm sure)...all that time to write, write, write...though, knowing life, I won't have nearly as much time as I think.
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